11 brands from Cologne

The corporate design agency Superblau is offering 11 brand logos at a special price in November. The image shows the coat of arms of the city of Cologne, the cathedral in the background as well as the title "11 Logos for Cologne" and the invitation to apply for it. // The corporate design agency Superblau is offering 11 brand logos at a special price in November. The image shows the coat of arms of the city of Cologne, the cathedral in the background as well as the title "11 logos for Cologne" and the invitation to apply.

The special campaign from the corporate design agency Superblau

  • Exklusive Sonderaktion: Superblau bietet 11 umfassende Markenpakete zum Superpreis an.
  • Zielgruppe: Ideal für Startups, junge Unternehmen oder KMU, die ein neues Branding oder Redesign benötigen.
  • Umfang: Markenstrategie-Workshop / Corporate-Design-Paket / Dokumentation / Social Media Kampagne
  • Participation: Register on our website Action page
  • Frist: bis zum 31.12.2023.
  • Price: €3,333

In November, Superblau is launching an exclusive special promotion specifically designed for companies that want to redefine their brand or bring it to market. Under the motto “11 logos for Cologne“We offer only 11 companies the unique opportunity to benefit from our comprehensive expertise in the area of corporate design.

Collaborative brand development in a brand sprint

As an innovative design agency, we at Superblau rely on the collaborative development of brand identity. As part of our unique Brand sprints We work closely with you to capture and define the true values and essence of your brand. This half-day workshop is the key to developing your brand identity. Here we define the brand goals together with you, discuss the brand values and determine the decisive brand characteristics.

We analyze your competitors and collect your requirements and wishes for the future company logo. This in-depth and interactive session allows us to design a logo that not only impresses visually but also effectively communicates your brand message.

Comprehensive corporate design package

As your corporate design agency, we offer more than just designing a logo. Our corporate design package includes developing a coherent color scheme and selecting a font that best reflects your corporate personality. We also design a professional business card and a social media post to show you how your new corporate design will be effective in different contexts. These visual elements are crucial to establishing a consistent and recognizable brand.

Practical trademark manual

We know that a consistent appearance is essential for long-term brand success. Therefore, you will receive a detailed trademark manual from us in PDF format. This handbook, created by our corporate design agency, serves as a guide for the consistent representation of your brand. It ensures that all your future business equipment and communication media look consistent and your brand is highly recognizable.

Effective social media promotion

In order to introduce your brand to a wider audience and get the attention it deserves, we will showcase your new brand on Superblau's social media channels (if you wish). This promotion not only increases your brand awareness but also marks the culmination of your rebranding process.

Why good branding is crucial

Effective branding, a concise company logo developed by a professional corporate design agency like Superblau, is crucial to the success of your company. It helps you build a distinctive identity that inspires trust, increases your visibility and establishes an emotional connection with your customers. Thoughtful branding can mean the difference between mediocrity and market leadership and is a key factor in differentiation in a competitive market.

Ideal for your business

Whether you need fresh, eye-catching branding for your startup or want to modernize an existing brand – our “11 Logos for Cologne” campaign is the perfect solution. We offer you this comprehensive package at an exclusive price that was calculated specifically for this promotion. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to give your business the branding it deserves without breaking your budget.

Are you going to participate

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and apply now:

visit our campaign page 11.superblau.com for further information and to register free of charge and without obligation.

PS: Die Bewerbungsfrist endet am 31.12.2023, also zögern Sie nicht! Nutzen Sie die Gelegenheit, von unserer Expertise und Kreativität zu profitieren und Ihre Marke neu zu definieren.

Our special campaign “11 Logos for Cologne” not only offers excellent value for money, but is also an investment in the future of your company. Strong branding not only creates attention in the moment, but also lays the foundation for the long term Success and growth.

At Superblau we understand the power of a well-thought-out brand and are here to accompany you on this exciting journey.


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