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The Swiss trade newspaper turned to Superblau as a digital agency with the task of designing four marketing campaigns for its “HZ Insurance” brand. HZ Insurance is the leading B2B platform for the insurance industry in Switzerland. The aim of the campaigns was to increase visitors to two events (HZ Insurance Forum and HZ Insurance Horizon Day), increase newsletter subscriptions and communicate the launch of the new ePaper.

The digital agency has delivered: over a third more visitors to the HZ Insurance Forum compared to last year. Here in the picture are two campaign motifs.

Superblau's professionalism, creativity and commitment exceeded my expectations and contributed to our forum being fully booked.

The Problem

How can we achieve recognition of the umbrella brand across different event brands and thereby use communicative synergies?

The Solution

Using a brand sprint, the overarching brand values were defined and an overall communicative and design concept was developed.

The challenge

Brand values at a fast pace using Brand Sprint

One requirement for the digital agency and the communication measures was that the “HZ Insurance” brand should be recognizable across all individual campaigns.

For this reason, we recommended that the Handelszeitung start the year-long campaigns with a half-day brand sprint, in which both the brand values and the expectations of the campaigns should be defined.

The approach

Efficient design concept using a “Design Studio” workshop

After the specifications could be defined in an efficient manner and a binding decision was made, the design concept and the content and visual framework for all campaigns should first be developed. In order to achieve results as quickly as possible, we decided to work this out in a co-creation workshop with a team of designers and concept engineers.

In a short time, two design concepts for the campaigns were created to choose from. The customer decided on both designs and their use across the different products. 😃 We allowed enough flexibility in our approach so that combining the two concepts was not a problem, but rather an enrichment of the campaign concept.

The Result

Flexible campaign management with a variety of media through the digital agency

The individual campaigns were then implemented according to a prioritization specified by the customer. We designed the entire range of communication media: from print advertisements for newspapers and magazines to animated social media formats to digital advertising banners for display on websites and apps.

Since the events in particular were still in development and the campaign had to react quickly to the development of the registered participants, agile production processes ensured that we were able to react quickly to the customer's wishes.

The result is impressive: 37% more visitors compared to the previous year HZ Insurance Forum 2023 and a sold out house at the first HZ Insurance Horizon Day!

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