The Design Thinking Workshop: Key to innovative problem solving and creative collaboration

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Innovative approaches to problem solving and creativity are more in demand than ever. This is where design thinking workshops come into play – a method that puts your customers at the center.

In this article you will learn how design thinking workshops at Superblau are designed to produce unique ideas and solutions.

What is Design Thinking?

Design thinking is an iterative process that helps teams understand complex problems, respond empathetically to user needs, and develop innovative, user-centered solutions. It is not an exclusive discipline for designers, but a methodology that is used in various industries and contexts - from product development to service improvement.

The phases of a design thinking workshop

  1. Building empathy: This is about developing a deep understanding of the needs and challenges of the target group.
  2. Define the problem: In this phase, the problem is clearly defined from the user's perspective.
  3. Generate ideas: Innovative solutions are developed in creative brainstorming sessions.
  4. Create prototypes: The best ideas are turned into tangible prototypes.
  5. Testing: These prototypes are tested in the real world and further refined.

Why are design thinking workshops so effective?

Promoting creativity and innovation: Design Thinking breaks conventional thinking patterns and promotes a fresh, creative approach to problem solving.

Customer focus: By focusing on the user, solutions are created that address real needs and create added value.

Promoting Collaboration: These workshops bring people from different backgrounds together and promote a culture of collaboration and open exchange.

The role of super blue in design thinking workshops

At Superblau we understand that every workshop is unique. Our experts tailor each workshop to meet our clients’ specific needs and goals. We combine proven design thinking methods with our own creative expertise to create an environment in which innovative ideas can thrive.

We rely on a proven workshop framework, which we are constantly developing as part of an international community of experts. By communicating with our global network, we can guarantee that we are always at the top of the industry.

Our approach:

  • Individual workshop design: We adapt each workshop to the specific challenge and target group.
  • Experienced moderators: Our moderators are not only experts in design thinking, but also have broad experience from various industries.
  • Practical exercise: We believe in learning by doing and incorporate practical activities that actively engage participants and stimulate critical thinking.


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Who are design thinking workshops suitable for?

Our workshops are ideal for companies that:

  1. Want to develop new products or services.
  2. Want to improve your customer experience.
  3. Want to optimize internal processes.
  4. Are looking for new ways to overcome complex challenges.

Design Thinking and AI

Design Thinking workshops are much more than just a trend; they are an essential part of innovation processes in companies. The methodology has proven itself over the years because the combination of collaboration, user focus and idea generation is efficient and goal-oriented.

The use of artificial intelligence can support the generation of ideas within the design thinking workshop. In this way, the perspectives of relevant stakeholders or personas can be specifically integrated into the design process without lengthy research or presence in the workshop.


We are happy to help organizations fully exploit their creative and innovative potential. If you're ready to take the way your team thinks and works to the next level, then Superblau's Design Thinking Workshops are the perfect place to start!

Interested? Contact us todayto learn how our Design Thinking workshops can help your team go beyond the usual and develop real, user-focused and innovative solutions.

PS: Find out more about the history of Design Thinking in this Wikipedia article.

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