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WWF Non-Fungible Animals: Generate donations through NFTs

Implementation of a campaign website using an ideation workshop

goal of Campaign: “WWF Non-Fungible Animals” was to raise awareness of the urgency of conservation through the sale of NFT artworks representing endangered species. Each artwork symbolized a remaining animal of its species, with the number of NFTs reflecting the estimated population number. The Publicis Groupe implemented this pro-bono project, guided by Max Penk's idea. 

Superblau was tasked with designing the campaign website, which involved countless stakeholders and voted the design sprint, a kind of ideation workshop to quickly get to implementation.

An ideation workshop helps Superblau develop the campaign website across countless stakeholders: the design sprint. // An ideation workshop helps Superblau develop the campaign website across countless stakeholders: the design sprint.

“The website designed by Superblau in a design sprint has enriched the WWF NFA campaign enormously and contributed significantly to the success of the project.”

The Problem

Coordination and coordination of over 30 stakeholders from various agencies of the Publicis Group and the WWF.

The Solution

Conducting a design sprint as an ideation workshop to effectively and quickly align the interests of stakeholders and design a consistent campaign website.

The challenge

Overcome technological complexity

Particular attention was paid to integrating the NFT purchasing process, which initially required software installation and the creation of user accounts. The aim was to make these new and complex processes as simple as possible for users.

The approach

Design Sprint as an Ideation Workshop: Quickly become an MVP in co-creation

The Design Sprint methodology enabled rapid, targeted development of the UX concept and UI design for the campaign website. This form of ideation workshop allowed an efficient integration of the diverse requirements and perspectives of the stakeholders and led to a consistent and appealing design concept.

The result

Strategic implementation with an innovative approach

The user experience concept for the website was created within just one week. The campaign page was then implemented within three weeks by the designers and developers from Publicis Groupe. The campaign raised around 200,000 euros in donations for the WWF and demonstrated the effectiveness of the innovative approach of using NFTs to generate donations.

A novelty in the area of fundraising

The “WWF Non-Fungible Animals” campaign represented a milestone by leveraging the power of NFT technology to not only raise awareness for wildlife conservation, but also generate significant financial resources for WWF.

Superblau's contribution, in particular the efficient coordination and implementation of this complex project with an ideation workshop, clearly showed the advantages of an agile and collaborative approach in the development of marketing campaigns.

By using a design sprint, the team was able to overcome the challenges of the project by quickly responding to changes and finding a creative solution to a complex task.

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