CGM LIFE: A digital health app gives patients more control

For CompuGroup Medical, the DACH market leader in practice software, the CGM LIFE app means entry into the digital health market in the form of a digital patient file.

The CGM LIFE app in the picture is a product for the digital health app area. A digital patient record that gives patients more control over their health data.

The Problem

Expansion of the product strategy: Initiate a change of perspective of the stakeholders from the practice side to the patient side: The first app on the customer side and entry into the B2C business.

The Solution

Rapidly develop a prototype to quickly get to the MVP. The digital product could be evaluated with stakeholders and customers after a short development phase.

The challenge

Rethinking digital health: self-determination and transparency about health data

For patients it is more than an innovation. It means self-determination in the digital era, because patients receive it CGM LIFE App, a digital patient file, access to your medical data. The app thus provides you with unprecedented transparency over your entire treatment process - an important step towards informed and patient-centered health management.

Illustrations for product communication were also part of the scope of services.

Every aspect of this app has been carefully designed to meet diverse needs such as data protection or encryption, while always keeping the patient at the center. The primary goal in designing the app was therefore to maximize the joy of use. One of the key innovations is the deep integration of interfaces to market-leading data providers such as Apple Health or Google Fit. This allows users to expand their data landscape and gain a more comprehensive and connected view of their health.

The approach

CGM LIFE App: Integration of comprehensive data source reflects the entire treatment journey

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, Superblau has realized a vision that gives patients true control over their data. The newly designed CGM LIFE app reflects our deep belief that patients should be the key players in their health journey. This is made possible with this digital patient file.

The “Timeline” not only represents medical data, but also tells the personal story of each user. And through the intelligent integration of comprehensive data sources, the app enables a holistic view of the user's health.

The Result

An innovative digital health app that drives patient engagement through control and transparency over their data

We believe that integrating data from reputable healthcare services significantly increases not only convenience but also patient understanding and engagement. The end product is not only conceptually impressive, but also a commitment to transparency, self-determination and the power of networked data.

With the CGM Life app, CompuGroup Medical and Superblau are setting new standards for what is possible in digital healthcare and what digital health should offer users.

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Superblau not only provided support in the conception, but also in the daily implementation work. Marco supported this with a lot of personal commitment and always new ideas. The collaboration was a pleasure both commercially and personally.

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