Increase sales through efficient customer acquisition

In 4 weeks, we will work with you to co-create a digital sales funnel that automatically generates inquiries from new customers.

Effiziente Kundengewinnung ist digital: Mit dem Funnel Sprint zur digitalen Lead-Gewinnung in nur 4 Wochen.

Untapped digital potential has its price 🙈

Give your customer acquisition with the Funnel Sprint a boost!

Sustainably increase sales through digital channels

With marketing automation, you can retain your customers in the long term – until they make a purchase decision.

Increase brand and product awareness

Clear, consistent and customer-centric storytelling resonates with customers.

Bringing digital innovation culture into the company

Through our agile, co-creative implementation, we bring fresh spirit to the team – and the knowledge to implement it ourselves!

Lead generation can be stressful. But she doesn't have to. 😉

We know from our own experience how important digital customer acquisition is to remain competitive. We are here to support you with our expertise and not only for her, rather with you to create solutions through co-creation.

Our customers value our work:

“Superblau’s professionalism, creativity and commitment exceeded my expectations and helped ensure that our forum was fully booked.”
Jeannette Lutz
Ringier Media AG, Switzerland
“When redesigning our key visual, we were impressed by Superblau’s approach. We were able to reach decisions quickly in joint workshops.”
Klaus Schopen
Chocolate Museum Cologne

Other companies we have worked for:

Your digital customer acquisition is just a few steps away

Our proven methodology and joint implementation with you enable development in only four weeks

When do we want to start? 🚀 

Non-binding initial consultation

Book a short, half-hour appointment in which we will clarify any questions you may have.

Create offer

I will then prepare an offer for you to discuss with your team.

make an appointment

Agree on the location and time for the 2-day workshop with our operations team.

Start of the funnel sprint!

We start the Funnel Sprint with a two-day workshop in which we develop all concepts together.

A symbolic image for downloading the sales funnel checklist for digital customer acquisition. As a corporate design agency and startup consultant, we offer our customers transparent and efficient processes and develop the brand presence. With the sales funnel, we also offer a digital solution for acquiring new customers or customer acquisition.

Our Sales Funnel Checklist: Free for you!

✅ Step-by-step guide to digital customer acquisition

✅ Comprehensive tech stack included

✅ All necessary steps and tools for implementation

✅ The original list from our daily work!

More efficiency in acquisition through digital marketing automation

Increase your sales through efficient customer acquisition: In 4 weeks, we will work with you to co-create a sales funnel that automatically generates inquiries from new customers.

Digital customer acquisition creates sustainable growth

At Superblau, we have relied on cold calling and organically growing new business for years. But it was only after we implemented a customer acquisition solution that growth really took off. Within a year, we were able to double the number of employees.

We know from our own experience how important digital customer acquisition is to remain competitive. We would like to share this expertise with you and support you in your marketing activities.

Unlike the normal client-agency relationship, we do not only want to for her, rather with you, i.e. in co-creation, to create solutions. This way you can build up your own knowledge within your company and, if you want, manage your digital marketing independently in the future.

Our experience shows that consistent communication can lead to up to 37% more growth.

Strong competition and saturated markets

Because competition never sleeps. Especially in times of saturated markets or strong competition due to economic conditions, the lack of efficiency in customer acquisition becomes noticeable. Anyone who does not consider digital ways to acquire new customers will fall behind.

In addition, brand and product communication, a lack of customer orientation and a lack of differentiation from the competition lead to limited visibility of the company in the market.

Win new customers with clear communication

What if inquiries from new customers came in automatically and you had to do less frustrating cold calling? What if you could communicate your product offering clearly, consistently and in a customer-focused manner across all channels - be it on your website, by email or in face-to-face conversations with your customers? What if scarce human resources could not stop you from continuing to expand your customer base?

More effort does not automatically mean a better overall result

Spending more time on cold calling will not solve the problem in the long term, because then these resources will be lacking in other important areas, such as fulfillment or sales. On the other hand, hoping that the market will grow and the pressure of competition will decrease is not a reliable solution either, because more and more companies are transforming their processes and implementing digital solutions. Ultimately, the younger generation in particular often chooses digital ways of making contact, and appropriate opportunities should be created for this.

Automatically receive customer inquiries and know how it works

Work with us to develop a marketing solution that will help you retain interested new customers for the long term, instead of constantly trying to get their attention. This increases the chances of a purchase many times over!

With the Funnel Sprint from Superblau, you develop a sales funnel in co-creation that delivers new customer inquiries to you automatically and sustainably. The good thing about it: Instead of the traditional customer-agency relationship, we take you into our workshop and show you in workshops how you can create and further develop the sales funnel independently!

Proven methodology for fast results

If we divide the whole thing into four phases, it is actually surprisingly simple:

  1. We start with a joint 2-day workshop in which we set goals together, develop the product story, design a landing page and advertisements, and develop topics for emails to increase customer loyalty and a lead magnet.


  2. In the production phase, we work together to create the concepts developed in the workshop for the touchpoints mentioned. This includes, for example, the design of the landing page, writing texts for emails, creating advertisements and email sequences, and much more.


  3. On launch day, we finally publish all produced elements of the sales funnel and learn how to use the software solutions involved.


  4. The final phase is to continually review the funnel’s performance data, gain insights from it, and continuously improve individual elements of the sales funnel.

When can we start?

  • To start digital customer acquisition, you must first select an appointment for an initial consultation via our booking system.


  • In this conversation, I will tell you more about the Funnel Sprint and try to clear up any confusion.


  • I will then prepare an offer for you, which you can discuss with your team at your leisure. I am of course available at any time to answer any questions you may have.
  • Next, you will agree with our operations team on a location and date (physical or virtual) for the 2-day workshop, which we will prepare accordingly by talking to the participants.


  • And finally, we start the Funnel Sprint with the two-day workshop in which we design the entire sales funnel together.

The team benefits immediately

Immediately after the two-day workshop, you and your team will have developed more confidence in how to communicate your offering to customers in a way that is understandable and attractive and consistent across all media.

Experience has shown that implementation via a workshop also creates motivation within the team because everyone has contributed to the creation of the sales funnel. Problems with agreement and coordination are a thing of the past: the workshop brings the dynamics of a modern, agile way of working into the team.

Sustainable digital growth

The Funnel Sprint helps you to independently develop and organize your digital customer acquisition. It sustainably supports the analog and personal acquisition methods and creates a constant background noise of inquiries or sales from new customers.

With the knowledge gained, you can develop sales funnels for every product and service, which will take your new customer acquisition to a whole new level.

What is likely to have an even greater impact in the long term, however, is the knowledge gained about how to communicate your own offer in a customer-centric way and how to apply this story to the different touchpoints in a sales funnel. This knowledge can be applied throughout the entire sales process and significantly improves product communication.

What would it mean to you if you no longer had to worry about acquiring customers and could instead be happy about the growing number of customer inquiries?

Let's start the funnel sprint together! I'm looking forward to it!

Marco Barooah-Siebertz
Managing Director Superblau GmbH
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