Re-design of an established Swiss brand: Swiss Insurance Innovation Award

Our customer Ringier Axel Springer Switzerland commissioned us with the brand design for the previous “Swiss Insurance Innovation Award” for the “Swiss Insurance Innovation Award”.

The aim was to give the traditional award in the leading European location for the insurance industry a makeover in order to reach new and younger target groups such as tech startups or players from outside the industry. We started the project with a brand workshop.

German: It started with a brand workshop: The brand design condenses the brand identity into the smallest possible space. English: It starts with a brand workshop: Brand design condenses the brand identity into the smallest possible space

Superblue converted our basic idea and stakeholder requirements into a strong visual concept. In this way, a unique award brand was created that allows us to reach our desired audience.

The Problem

How do we create a national brand for an established award that appeals to an innovative target group?

The Solution

A brand sprint with a focus on benchmark research laid the foundation for a distinctive brand design.

Swiss Insurance Innovation Awards

The challenge

transformation of tradition

The "Swiss Insurance Innovation Prize" has been awarded for almost 25 years for the most innovative and outstanding projects in the Swiss insurance industry. The existing brand thus represented the central industry award in Switzerland. Transforming such a brand required special sensitivity and respect for the long tradition.

Swiss Insurance Innovation Award - Phone Badge

The approach

Collaborative project start in the brand workshop

In a brand sprint, we first worked out detailed specifications for the project together with stakeholders from different areas of the customer (editorial, marketing, events). An important focus here was on benchmarking within the B2B award business in order to coordinate brand identity, unique selling propositions and customer requirements. 

A value differential was then jointly developed in order to classify and weight attributes such as "Swissness vs. Uniqueness" or "Revolution vs. Evolution".

Swiss Insurance Innovation Award - website

The Result

A brand that combines safety and innovation. 

We have created a visual brand in the form of a monolith that embodies stability and safety as important industry values. At the same time, in the spirit of continuity and tradition, the light bulb was integrated into the new form as a traditional icon that continues the symbolism of the previous award logo.

The color world uses two shades of blue, which stand for values such as reliability and safety, and a shade of green with a strong yellow component, which represents the innovative and progressive values of an award aimed at innovation.

We then adapted the resulting design concept for the brand for various applications for the award, including a marketing campaign with different digital and analogue formats.

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