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Turning the Chancellor's briefing into a news app: H10

The best news app condenses daily events into the ten most important topics. Consistent in content, with a fresh design and playful user guidance, it offers orientation at top speed. Although several years have passed, this project remains under the direction of Gabor Steingart a beacon in the world of news products.

"The best news app at the Red Dot Awards."

The best news app in terms of news gamification: Handelsblatt 10

Superblau's unique app concept and design made a decisive contribution to our ability to achieve our goals. The team works efficiently and transparently, the pragmatic optimism and partnership are great!

The Problem

How to make the ten most important news of the day accessible with maximum usability?

The Solution

An intuitive, playful and cheerful interface becomes the antithesis in the rational environment of the publishing products.

The challenge

As clear as necessary, as cool as possible

A news app was to be developed based on the ten-topic briefing that the Chancellor receives every morning and that depicts the ten most important topics of the day. Accordingly, this app should consume the ten most important news of the day in an entertaining and visually appealing way for the readers.

The app should differ from the rational and interchangeable design of the existing news app and, with a young and fresh appearance, also inspire younger readers for the news of the Handelsblatt.

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The approach

Intensive research into new concepts in user experience

In order to generate the most innovative user experience possible, we first sounded out the international digital market for new developments in user experience and app design. The spectrum ranged from niche news products from established publishers to experimental news applications and new developments in the app scene that were not related to the industry.

After a thorough analysis of the results and a transformation of these results into requirements for the new app, a first prototype was developed in a design sprint involving designers and UX experts from Superblau as well as editors and marketing managers from Handelsblatt.

The findings from the first user tests were then used to bring the app to production maturity in several short iterations.

The Result

The first news app with a (two) design award

With the Handelsblatt 10, a worldwide unique news app was created that briefly and concisely focused on the most important things of the day and also offered an excellent and varied reading experience and enjoyed great interest among the readership and far exceeded the set business goals.

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