“I was about to quit my digital business!”

Superblau is the web design agency you want. It follows the buy, try or stay principle and ensures that your website pays for itself and leads to conversion!


Experience report with one
Web design agency.

“In the rapidly expanding digital landscape where almost every business is fighting for the attention of their customers, my website failed miserably. In times when your digital footprint is often the first point of contact with potential customers, I realized how important the right web design agency is. It's not just about a pretty design. It's about real results.

As a business owner, I was looking for:

  • an impressive design that reflects my brand,
  • a web design agency with a deep understanding of my customers,
  • a holistic approach that combines design and function,
  • strategic thinking to attract and retain customers and
  • a user-centered website that is truly tailored to my target group.

Instead, I found myself confronted with

  • outdated and not responsive design,
  • generic templates that offered no individuality,
  • unclear and unmotivating call-to-actions,
  • poor conversion rates despite high traffic as well
  • non-intuitive layouts that confused visitors.

The consequences? Lost customers, disappointed visitors, and a digital footprint that didn't truly represent my brand.

Then I discovered super blue.

Cologne is a city of innovation. Here, where history and technology merge, Superblau has taken its place as a defining web design agency. The experts at Superblau not only offer breathtaking design, but also understand what companies really need in the digital world.

What makes this web design agency different from others?

Super blue follows the “Buy, try or stay"-Principle:


A web design agency like Superblau knows the value of a first impression. Their websites are not only visually impressive but also sales-oriented.


In the digital world, people want to experience before they commit. Visitors are given the opportunity to test and try out offers.


Not every visit leads to an immediate purchase. Superblau understands this and designs websites that strengthen the brand, increase visitor loyalty and generate leads.

Creative vision and functional know-how

In a vibrant city like Cologne there are many talented creative people and large agencies. But Superblau stands out as a web design agency thanks to its deep knowledge of brand strategy and customer loyalty. Your team of designers, developers and strategists combines creative vision with functional know-how.

Every business, big or small, deserves a strong online presence. With Superblau you have a digital agency at your side that offers you not just a website, but a comprehensive digital solution.

You deserve to shine in the digital space. Don't wait any longer. Find out how Superblau, your Cologne design agency, can help you stand out in the digital world!”

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