Brand Prototyping: Agile to a strong brand

Get your brand presence in just three weeks: Our tried and tested process and co-creation make it possible. Accelerate your innovation process with agile branding. Corporate design development at high speed!

Who is slow, loses market share 🙈

In today’s dynamic, competitive environment, speed plays an important role. 

We accelerate development. In co-creation we create together with you a consistent brand identity.

Co-creative for brand identity

In a brand workshop, we work with you to develop the brand identity. The agency-client relationship used to be: we work together in co-creation.

Efficiently to the brand MVP

Our agile methodological approach enables high-quality results in the shortest possible time, so that you can concentrate on your strategic goals.

Full transparency for our customers

We involve you closely in the creative process so that you always know the direction in which our development work is heading.

Branding can be complicated and take a long time. But it doesn't have to. 😉

We know from our customers' stories how frustrating projects that drag on for months can be. In the agile age, it's better to get started than to be right. That's how growth hacking works! 

“Superblau’s professionalism, creativity and commitment exceeded my expectations and helped ensure that our forum was fully booked.”
Jeannette Lutz
Ringier Media AG, Switzerland
“When redesigning our key visual, we were impressed by Superblau’s approach. We were able to reach decisions quickly in joint workshops.”
Klaus Schopen
Chocolate Museum Cologne

A selection of companies we have worked for:

Your new brand is just a few steps away

Our proven and standardized work process enables efficient implementation and best results with a project duration of only three weeks.

I would be happy to tell you more about our corporate design development with speed.

Brand development in co-creation

Joint brand workshop in which we develop the brand identity together with you.

Creation of the corporate design

Our designers design your brand – consisting of logo, colors, fonts and style elements.

Development of a brand manual

We document your new brand identity and corporate design in this manual.

Show your brand to the world!

After handing over the logo files and the brand manual, you will be able to present your brand independently in the future – clearly and consistently.

Branding checklist for download Download our branding checklist. Also for startup branding.

Our guide 11 steps to a successful brand. Free for you!

Get free expert knowledge for your brand building. In our Checklist You will also find valuable tips to help you develop your brand.

Unleash your innovation potential with the Brand Prototypers!

Achieve an outstanding brand presence in just three weeks: Our tried-and-tested co-creation process makes it possible. Accelerate your innovation process through agile branding and secure decisive competitive advantages.

In a dynamic market landscape, speed is crucial. Slow brand development can cause you to fall behind more agile competitors and lose market share. Hastily implemented solutions often lead to inconsistent brand appearances that offer little potential for future development.

We break this cycle. Through our co-creation methodology, we develop a consistent and effective brand identity together with you in record time. Our approach is not only fast, but also inclusive and transparent, so you are always fully informed about the progress and direction of our joint work.

Efficiency is our top priority: our agile and methodical approach enables us to deliver high-quality results quickly. This allows you to concentrate on your strategic goals without losing valuable time.

Branding doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming. Our customers tell us time and time again how frustrating long-running projects can be. In our agile world, a quick start is often more valuable than perfect planning. This is the key to successful growth hacking.

Your new brand identity is just a few steps away. Our proven and standardized process not only ensures efficient implementation, but also first-class results. Let us define your brand identity together in a brand workshop and develop a corporate design with our team of experienced designers that perfectly represents your company. 

With the final documentation in a brand manual and the handover of the final design elements, you are ready to present your brand to the world – clear, consistent and, above all: fast.

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