The perfect pitch deck setup

In a digitally driven world, an impressive pitch deck can make or break a project. Especially when it comes to presenting a digital application such as a website or app, every detail has to be right. Here you will find a detailed guide to the ideal pitch deck structure:

The right pitch deck structure can make the difference between success and failure. The picture symbolically shows that a structure is being built that leads to light - in this case the sun - and thus to success.

The perfect pitch deck setup

1. Front page

Start with an attractive headline that captures the essence of your presentation. Incorporate your company logo and perhaps a short motto that sets the tone for the entire deck.

2. Problem statement

Define the specific digital problem that needs to be addressed. Support this with clear graphics or statistics to emphasize the urgency and relevance of the problem.

3. Solution & Prototype

Present your innovative solution and (if required) integrate prototypes for a website, app or other implementations. Show how the solution meets customer needs and differs from competing solutions.

4. Why your company?

Dig deeper into your expertise. Tell the story of your company, show past successes and successful projects.

5. Your process

Explain your work processes in detail. Emphasize how each step leads to achieving business goals and contributes to a successful project. Show how proven and efficient methods are integrated into the process.

6. Team introduction

Introduce your team. Show profiles, qualifications and special skills that each member brings to the project. Your implementation power should not be missing from the pitch deck structure.

7. Customer testimonials

Use this opportunity to showcase experiences from satisfied customers. A few well-chosen testimonials can make a strong impression.

8. Budget and Schedule

Provide a detailed overview of expected costs and schedule. This gives interested parties a clear picture of investments and expected results.

9. Conclusion

Summarize the key points of your presentation and end with a clear call to action. Give prospects an idea of next steps.

10. Contact Information

In addition to the basic contact details, include FAQs or other useful resources here.

With the right pitch deck structure, you increase your chances of winning the desired contract. Make sure to convey clear messages, focus on what is important and your USP to highlight.

Superblue pitch service:
From prototype to impressive presentation

The Superblau pitch service specializes in developing digital prototypes for websites, apps and other applications in the shortest possible time.

Challenges in the process

However, the pitch deck structure is only one side of the coin. In addition to a convincing presentation, a finished product such as: B. a website or app is desired. Especially when it comes to allocating large budgets, large advance payments are often expected. This brings with it two main problems for most applicants:

1. Time

In the dynamic world of digital projects, deadlines are often tight. A fast and reliable process is essential to meeting pitch deadlines. It's about creating successful pitches in the shortest possible time and achieving first-class results.

2. Resources

Another challenge is to break the flow of internal resources, especially when they are already fully committed to major projects, and focus on the pitch. This requires special attention and the efficient use of resources. Pitch deck structure.

The need for elaborate solutions

It is often expected that solutions that have already been worked out are presented in the pitch deck. This requires not only creativity, but also the efficient use of time and resources to ensure that the proposed solution is both innovative and feasible.

Benefits of a customized process

An efficient and structured process when participating in a tender offers companies numerous advantages:

  • Predictable results: With a clear process in place, you can better predict and prepare for the success of your pitch.
  • Reliable regular check-ins: This allows progress to be continuously monitored and ensures everyone is on the right track.
  • Trackable decisions: A transparent process ensures that everyone involved understands and can understand the decision-making process.
  • More chances to win: A well-thought-out pitch deck that efficiently addresses the above challenges increases the likelihood of getting the contract.

A structured approach to the pitch process that takes into account the challenges of time and resources can make the difference between a successful deal and a missed deal. It's worth investing in this process and making sure every detail is taken into account. Contact us for details!

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