Superblau: Part of the vibrant design scene in Cologne

Cologne, the charming city on the Rhine, is more than just the cathedral and the legendary carnival. It is a mosaic of history, culture and innovative progress. Within this dynamic tapestry, Superblau has established itself as one of Cologne's defining design agencies and a synonym for excellent design and creative brilliance.

A Cologne design agency in a special city. Cologne is a creative melting pot. The right place for a design driven agency.

Philosophy for design in Cologne

In Cologne, the heart of the German design landscape, we are not just observers of trends - we are their creators. Superblau, the Cologne design agency, draws inspiration from the pulsating energy of this city and always strives for perfection, both in design aesthetics and functionality.

How does Superblau work as a design agency in Cologne?

Flexible & customer-oriented

Flexibility is essential in the fast-moving design sector. Superblau, as a well-known brand among the Cologne design agencies, relies on agility. By working closely with our customers, we deliver tailored solutions that meet market requirements.

Holistic & attention to detail

Good design requires an eye for the big picture and attention to detail. We combine aesthetics and functionality so that every aspect counts.

Strategic & Effective

As a renowned design agency in Cologne, we rely on strategic planning. Through thorough analysis, we develop impressive designs that deliver real results for our customers.

Human & user-centered

Our designs not only appeal, they connect and optimize the user experience at every touchpoint.

Social & Responsible

Superblau sees design as a means of social change. This awareness shapes our work because we design with meaning and responsibility.

We work Individual and tailor-made, every project is unique and reflects the vision of our customers. At the same time, we use methodical creation to ensure that creativity is based on a foundation of research and strategy.

An insight into the process

The journey with Superblau begins where all outstanding projects begin: with a clear vision and an understanding of the customer's needs. As an experienced Cologne design agency, Superblau recognizes that every project is unique and requires an individually tailored approach.

1. Immerse & Understand:

The first step is to dive deep into the customer’s brand identity. Be it the creation of a brand like FLUX or designing a marketing campaign like this trade newspaper. Superblau looks for the core of the brand and understands what sets it apart.

2. Strategy development:

With this understanding behind you, the strategic phase begins. Here Superblau combines their expertise in branding, digital design and online presence to develop a tailor-made strategy. The “Checkpoint ZDF” project is a prime example of how a successful YouTube strategy emerged from almost 10 years of TV production.

3. Creation & Design:

Here Superblau brings the vision to life. With an eye for detail and a flair for creativity, the agency designs visually appealing and user-friendly solutions that not only look good, but also function.

4. Implementation & Optimization:

Superblau understands that a strong presence must lie in both design and function. The team leverages best SEO practices, ensures seamless content integration and ensures online presence is optimized across different platforms.

5. Results analysis & further development:

The process doesn't end with implementation. Superblau continuously analyzes the success of the project, adapts strategies and ensures that brands like Visual Bridges effectively reach and impress their target groups.

Superblau is not just about design and digital strategy. It's about building bridges between brands and their target groups. It's about collaborative partnership, innovation, and results that really count.

A design agency in Cologne stands for tolerance

As a Cologne design agency, we are proud that our diverse and international team fits perfectly with the tolerance of the city of Cologne. We always think outside the box and use the latest technologies and trends for our customers.

Our multicultural team brings fresh perspectives and ensures a holistic approach to every project. This is reflected not only in our projects, but also in our corporate culture - cosmopolitan, innovative and always focused on the essentials.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if we can help you with your projects and goals! We would be happy to have a non-binding chat and find out whether we can support you with your visions and business goals.

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