The Design Sprint: Validate ideas & develop MVP in just a few days

The term “Design Sprint” is on everyone’s lips in the creative industry, but what does it actually mean? And why has it been so well received by leading design agencies such as Superblau in Cologne? In this article, we dive deep into the world of design sprints and explore why this process can be revolutionary for companies of all sizes.

The Design Sprint is a method for quickly solving business challenges. The illustration shows people standing at a blackboard and sticking sticky notes on the wall. You also see a clock, because limiting working hours is an important factor in design sprints.

What is a Design Sprint?

A design sprint is a structured method for solving major challenges, developing new products and features, or revising existing ones. Originally from Google Ventures Developed as a five-day process, the Design Sprint has proven to be a quick and efficient method for turning ideas into prototype solutions that can then be tested on real users.

The Sprint process consists of five phases – Understanding, Outlining, Deciding, Prototyping and Testing – and combines the best of business strategy, innovation, behavioral science and design.

The advantages

  1. Time saving: Instead of months of development and iteration, teams can create and test a prototype in just five days.
  2. Risk minimization: Before making large investments, you can test concepts with real users and get feedback.
  3. Promote collaboration: Teams from different departments work together and combine their expertise to develop solutions together.
  4. Clear decision making: The structured process reduces endless discussions and allows teams to quickly agree on clear goals.

Customer needs solved through design sprints

  • Market launch of new products: Before diving into full product development, you can check the feasibility and interest of the target group through a design sprint.
  • Optimization of existing products: If a product does not perform as expected, the method can help identify vulnerabilities and develop solutions.
  • Need for innovation: Companies that are looking for new ways to differentiate themselves in a saturated market can find new, innovative solutions through a design sprint.
  • Strategic realignment: When repositioning or entering new markets, the sprint can help clarify the strategic direction and offering.

How does a design sprint work?

A typical design sprint lasts five days and consists of the following modules:

  1. Understand: The first day is about understanding the problem and finding the right focus for the week. This often involves interviewing stakeholders and defining key issues.
  2. Sketch: The second day is dedicated to brainstorming ideas. Everyone in the team develops different approaches to solving the defined problem.
  3. Decide: Here the team decides which ideas should go into the prototype. This is achieved through voting and discussion.
  4. Prototyping: With the selected ideas in hand, the team begins on the fourth day to create a “real” prototype.
  5. Testing: On the last day, this prototype will be tested in real conditions with real users to obtain valuable feedback.

At Superblau, the design agency in Cologne, we use Design Sprint 2.0, further developed by AJ&Smart and Design Sprint inventor Jake Knapp. This takes 4 days if carried out on site. After just a few days, you can already be certain whether a product or feature has a chance on the market or not.

In addition to this shortened version of the design sprint, we also offer a two-week variant: Through a subsequent one-week iteration sprint, we can further develop the product into an MVP so that technical implementation can then begin immediately.

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Why Superblau relies on this method

At Superblau we believe that the Design Sprint method can help companies avoid costly mistakes and develop products or services that truly meet the needs of their customers. By combining creative brainstorming, structured thinking, quick and authoritative decisions, and integrated user testing, Design Sprints enable us to develop solutions that are both innovative and practical. They are the bridge between the creative vision and the real implementation.

Other advantages include:

  • Customer focus: By testing early with real users, we ensure that the final product meets the needs and wants of the market.
  • Agility: In the ever-changing world of design, the Design Sprint allows us to respond quickly to market changes and always provide relevant solutions.
  • Quality: Despite the speed of the process, the results are high quality. Each sprint is carried out by a multidisciplinary team that ensures every detail is taken into account.


The Design Sprint provides an innovative method for product development and optimization that is essential in today's fast-paced business world. Companies ready to challenge traditional ways of thinking and improve their products through fast, focused, and user-centered approaches will find the Design Sprint an indispensable tool.

By the way: While design sprints focus on fast, goal-oriented prototype development and testing Design Thinking Workshops on broader, user-centered problem solving through iterative prototyping and empathetic user understanding.

At Superblau we love integrating this method into our everyday work and offering our customers the benefits of this efficient process. If you would like to learn more about how a Design Sprint can transform your next project, contact us!

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