Strengthen education in the MINT subjects: flux

To encourage young people in Luxembourg to start studying STEM subjects, Superblau undertook brand development for a talent show organized by the Fonds National de la Recherche (FNR) and developed a comprehensive marketing strategy with a focus on social media. Through a concentrated brand workshop, we were able to achieve a short implementation time.

German: Brand development for flux: A poster design for the project. english: Brand development for flux: A poster design for the project.

The design of Superblau is peppered with original creative ideas and was very well thought out from the beginning with many neat details. The result is very vivid and clear, and makes you want to start the project, as the designers went far beyond what was required.

The Problem

Brand development and marketing strategy for a new TV format within a tight schedule.

The Solution

Rapid implementation through asynchronous collaboration and moderated Design Studio sessions.

The challenge

Develop a new national TV brand in the shortest possible time. Brand development at high speed – how is that possible? With a brand workshop!

This project, which included brand development for a TV show as well as an end-to-end multi-channel marketing strategy, required exceptional efficiency within a limited time frame. The focus was on creating a memorable and innovative corporate identity that would make science accessible to a young target group and make Luxembourg a visible location.

The team rose to the challenge by carefully organising resources and close rounds of coordination with the trades involved to ensure that the project objectives were achieved within the allocated budget and time constraints.

The first step was to develop the brand name in a Wording workshop: The name fLUX combined several levels that perfectly matched the TV brand. We borrowed the "ƒ" as a mathematical symbol for "function", the term "flux" as a physical quantity - and of course there was also a bit of "Luxembourg" in the name.

The approach

Effective asynchronous collaboration inspires creativity

Thanks to the collaboration of stakeholders from different disciplines, this project was able to move forward quickly through iterative ideation and seamless implementation. This approach allowed us to effectively manage the complexity of the project and achieve scalability, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow from start to finish.

Expert focus: Integrating the best know-how

The social media-focused marketing campaign was meticulously crafted with the involvement of a local influencer whose profile deliberately extended the persona of the science show's main character, Joseph Rodesch, towards a younger target audience. Further strategic partnerships with stakeholders from the national education landscape ensured a natural and captivating engagement with the target group and increased the effectiveness of the entire campaign.

To ask? How can we add value to your brand?

Here we go!

The Result

"Flow & Glow" for the next STEM generation

The creative highlight in the concept development was certainly the careful design of the "fLUX" brand. This takes into account the focus on the scientific context and the continuous flow of the project, while retaining the essence of "LUXemburg" as a warm memory.

By pairing the "ƒ" symbol for mathematical functions with the term "flux" for a physical quantity, our name embodies a harmonious fusion of mathematical precision, scientific relevance and a deep connection to the format's Luxembourgish roots.

Parallel to the wording, the brand values were developed in a brand sprint, a brand workshop developed at Google Ventures - the exchange between the two development processes took place in short cycles - in order to, in the next step, develop an overarching design concept for the various trades involved, such as set designers, to provide fashion designers or motion designers.

Superblau coordinated their work to ensure that the end result was a congruent and unique design for the new show.

Efficient production planning for brilliant results

The show name ƒLUX and the accompanying logo and branding were the central elements of the brand design and the basis for the overall design of the production.

The Motion Design was in the hands of Benjamin Kemp, the set design was developed by OfficeCremers . The social media planning was scheduled for a period of two years and was carried out with the Luxembourg-based social media creator Cecile Said-Vieira . This was based on a concept that was largely based on organic growth, but was to be supported specifically with media budgets in order to achieve the communication goals.


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